The most important skill to learn is stopping. The two main stopping

techniques used for roller skating are the T-Stop & Using Toe Stoppers.



You can stop on your roller skates using the T-Stop method. Using whichever

foot you feel most comfortable with, place the back foot at a 90 degree angle

behind the heel of the front skate, in the shape of a T. Drag the wheels to

decrease your speed until you come to a full stop.

You may need to apply more pressure to the  dragging foot depending on

how fast you are traveling. See T-Stop example to the right.


Toe Stoppers:

Another way to stop on roller skates is to use the toe stopper at the front

of your skates.

Use only one foot to stop or your will run the risk of falling forward

Depending on which foot you are most comfortable with, extend your rear

leg behind. This will allow you to bring the toe stopper into contact with the

skating surface. Use gentle pressure on the stopper to create friction with the

ground until you come to a complete stop. See example to the right.


Roller Skating Skills - Videos:

There are numerous videos available on-line to learn more advanced skills.

We have put together a list of links to useful videos below. Please note these

videos are not associated with Kandy Skates in any way and have been

produced independently.


1. How to Stop.

2. How to Turn.

3. How to Skate Backwards.

4. How to Transition from Forward to Backward.

5. How to Crossover.

Kandy Skates Luscious Skates Basic Skills T-Stop Stopping
Kandy Skates Luscious Skates Basic Skills Toe Stop Stopping

T-Stop Example

Toe Stopper Example



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