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All Roller Skates require some basic maintenance to keep them running at

their optimum and to ensure they last for years to come.


The key areas that you should routinely maintain include:


Wheel Rotation:

Wheel rotation should be performed on the roller skates to improve

the longevity of the wheels. The wheels can wear unevenly due to the

way your body puts pressure on the skates. Rotating the wheels makes

the wear spread more evenly and gives you more use out of your wheels.


Firstly, undo the axle nuts on the sides of the wheels. Then swap the

wheels diagonally. On the RIGHT roller skate, swap the top left wheel

with the bottom right wheel on the LEFT roller skate and so on.

Continue these steps as shown  in the diagram on the right. Once all

wheels have been rotated, securely tighten the axle bolts.

Toe Stoppers:

On a weekly basis it is very important to verify that the toe stoppers are tightly fastened as vibration from stopping frequently can loosen the toe stoppers). To tighten the toe stoppers simply use the appropriate screwdriver and tighten the toe stopper bolt as tight as it will go manually.


Wheel Nuts:

Every several months it is recommended to test the tightness of the wheel nuts using a 1/2" socket or wrench. These should be tightened until there is very little play in the wheel but does not hinder the wheel from spinning freely.



Deciding how tight to tighten the trucks is personal preference. Make sure they are tight enough so that they don't slip. The looser the trucks the more flexible they will be but are harder to control at speed. All Kandy Skates come set at a medium tension suitable for beginner skaters.


To adjust the Inverted Kingpin on the Kandy Skates Trucks - Simply use a 1/2" socket or wrench to tighten or loosen the tension. Anti-Clockwise to loosen and Clockwise to tighten.



After 6 to 12 months depending on usage you may find that your Kandy Skates are not rolling as smoothly as they once did. This is normal and indicates that it is time to change your bearings.

The wheel bearings are a very important component of your roller skates. New bearings will provide a much smoother and faster feeling and are an easy way to bring your Kandy Skates back to life.


Kandy Skates are fitted with standard 8mm bearings that are widely used in inline skates and skateboards. They are easily located in many shops that sell these types of products. There are two (2) bearings in each wheel and to replace a full set you will require 16 bearings in total.


Kandy Skates are supplied with quality ABEC-7 bearings but to ensure you get the best  out of yours - avoid wet, dusty or sandy conditions.



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